Thursday, March 20, 2008

Second Strategy Meeting Launches "CCCADP" Last Night

A group of 20-25 concerned citizen activists met for 2 hours at Pearls Restaurant in Bronzeville yesterday to officially launch "Cook County Citizens Against The Death Penalty" (CCCADP). The first preliminary meeting took place on Saturday March 15th.

Bill "Dock" Walls, the organizer of this meeting, outlined the simple objective of this group: seek out as many qualified candidates for Cook County States Attorney who are committed to opposing to reestablishment of the death penalty in Illinois.

CCCADP is a non-political body. Each potential candidate for Cook County States Attorney will have his or her own platform to run upon. CCCADP is simply seeking to support best qualified candidate who is opposed to reinstituting the death penalty in Illinois.

Everyone in attendance exuded the spirit of "Peace Pilgrim":